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  • Have you ever wanted more friends on your Twitter account? Now you can. Just enter your Twitter login details below and we’ll add 20 random friends to your account.
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  • For its current fiscal year, ending in March 2009, Red Hat expects sales to reach $665 million to $680 million, above Wall Street projections, while earnings per share should rise to 78 cents to 82 cents.
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  • “It is pretty clear that the legacy approach to server-side Java development is done,” said Rod Johnson, founder and CEO of SpringSource, the company behind the open-source lightweight Java development platform Spring Framework.

XP QoW: Responsibility is accepted, not given

The third in my series of quotes from Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change by Kent Beck. Once a week I post a quote from XP that I think is really important to consider when developing software. This is from the end of Chapter 8:

Accepted Responsibility-No single action takes the life out of a team or a person more than being told what to do, especially if the job is clearly impossible. Primate dominance displays work only so long in getting people to act like they are going along. Along the way, a person told what to do will find a thousand ways of expressing their frustration, most of the them to the detriment of the team and many of them to the detriment on the person.

The alternative is that responsibility be accepted, not given. This does not mean that you always do exactly what you feel like doing. You are part of a team, and if the team comes to the conclusion that a certain task needs doing, someone will choose to do it, no matter how odious.”

There are two key things to listen to in this excerpt. First always work with your direct reports to define, estimate and plan their work. If they have helped craft the goal they will feel much more ownership toward completing on-time and at high quality. Secondly, if you have buy-in from everyone on the team then they will want to do everything needed to complete the project.

The job of the manager is to pick the destination and make sure everyone is rowing towards. Everything else is up to the team.

Looks for more XP Quotes of the Week to be forthcoming.

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  • Chief Executive Bryant L. Keil says he has toyed with the idea of an IPO but has been able to raise plenty from private investors, including the Starbucks Chairman. In five rounds of financing, Potbelly has secured $100 million over the past decade.
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  • web directory allows you to find scripts on the net that are similar or mimic functionalities of popular websites.
  • In order to ensure a quick recovery after one of our servers went down, we needed to be able to update DNS entries and have the changes take effect immediately. Amazon suggests using dynamic DNS solutions such as DynDNS and ZoneEdit.
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