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  • I took Adsense off my affiliate pages, I pushed affiliates as much as possible but yet again Adsense continues to amaze me making up nearly 50% of the sites income, $30,334.66, thank you Google.
  • Another engineer (who had no experience with Grails) and I built two initial prototypes: one based on AppFuse 2.0 M5 (Spring MVC/JSP + Hibernate), and one based on Grails. We found that Grails was a lot faster to work with, even in its immature state.
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  • The first script’s job is to check the browser type, os etc. The function navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase() checks whether it is opera, msie,mac,gecko,safari; sony/com2 etc. Script 2 calculates the round trip time for a 1 pixel image.
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  • Often in part due to favorable feedback from the service’s authors, the early adopter feels a sense of entitlement, that the product absolutely must be architected in the way they say so, even if that wouldn’t serve the larger installed base.

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  • Navizon: Peer-to-Peer Wireless Positioning “Software Only GPS”
    for Cellular and/or WiFi enabled Pocket PC PDA’s and Smartphones
  • using Puppet to manage “many, many thousands” of Mac desktops used at Google by developers and others. He tells us how he got involved in using Puppet last year during WWDC last year and quickly applied its use to managing Google Mac desktops.
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  • TwitterCounter is a service for Bloggers, Social networkers and other well connected individuals to communicate and track the amount of followers they have on Twitter. Add the TwitterCounter to your blog or profile to attract more followers.
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  • Fire Eagle is a site that stores information about your location. With your permission, other services and devices can either update that information or access it
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