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The Washington Post nearly Angel funded Facebook!

According to ‘Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0’ Don Graham had a handshake deal with Mark Zuckerberg to Angel fund facebook really early but Accel came in with much better terms and Graham didn’t want to get into a bidding war.

Don Graham joined the facebook board late last year….

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  • Bank of America’s Twitter stream is maintained by David Knapp, a representative in Phoenix. The stream is similar to a help line, but with queries and replies made in public and scrunched to 140 characters or less.
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  • A lot of forms can be boring and plain, don’t let yours blend in. This tutorial will show you how to spice them up with CSS classes and default values that change according to which form item is selected. All with just a splash of jQuery.
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  • Of course, as Dion points out this debate doesn’t take into account a number of other great frameworks, libraries and toolkits like Dojo, YUI, GWT, MooTools, Ext JS, SproutCore and more.
  • Most Popular Lists

    * Countries (12 favorites)
    * US State Names (6 favorites)
    * Designer's Most Used Fonts (5 favorites)
    * Area Code|Country|State|City (4 favorites)
    * Most Commonly Used Passwords (3 favorites)
    * Unsolicited, Unnecessary, and Presumptuous Feature Ideas for (3 favorites)
    * African Countries;Capitals (2 favorites)
    * Best Shapes (2 favorites)
    * Colleges and Universities (2 favorites)
    * Letters of the English Alphabet – Uppercase (2 favorites)

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  • WWW SQL Designer! This tool allows you to draw and create database schemas (E-R diagrams) directly in browser, without the need for any external programs (flash). You only need JavaScript enabled. The Designer works perfectly in Mozillas (Firefox, Seamonkey), Internet Explorers (6, 7, 8), Safari and Operas. Konqueror works, but the experience is limited.
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  • Need online homework help or need to prepare for your tests? Get the answers you need at
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  • Educational Collaborators is a national consulting organization comprised of many of the best practitioners in the field of education. Our collaborators are highly sought for their expertise and experience and lead some of the strongest technology programs in the country. Unlike most consultants who rarely see their ideas beyond the planning stages, our collaborators work in schools today and see their ideas through to their fullest extent. As a result, they see the unanticipated and have daily experience working through the associated challenges. They are uniquely qualified to collaborate with school leaders to help them develop plans & programs that prepare students for the 21st Century.
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  • Perf4J is a set of utilities for calculating and displaying perfomance statistics for Java code. For developers who are familiar with logging frameworks such as log4j or java.util.logging, an analogy helps to describe Perf4J:
  • Hammurapi is a code quality governance platform to mitigate risks of outsourcing* of software development.

    To put more formally, Hammurapi is a solution for holistic analysis of large software systems developed with extensive use of contractual workforce.

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  • Smart brands use Twitter in meaningful ways, and most of them use their brand name as a way to make sure customers can find and recognize them. This piece, and the knowledge I learned from the incessant hours invested, demonstrate why brands do belong on Twitter. No other medium gets you inside a business or brand quiet like Twitter.
  • 2. Underestimation of unfamiliar tasks. My estimates weren't too far off for a lot of the work that I'd done before. But some things, like mapping out the site for the footing holes, I assumed would be 15-30 minute task ended up taking several hours.
  • Retiring Debt
    "Working off debt" can be motivational and good for team morale. A good approach when short-term debt has been incurred is to take the first development iteration after a release and devote that to paying off short-term technical debt.
  • X# (pronounced X-sharp) is a domain specific language designed to quickly create Web applications and services. In X# everything is represented as a hierarchical structure or tree and instead of using functions to manipulate information or perform actions, all possible operations you can think of are done by adding, removing or changing nodes from this tree. Since there are no functions to learn and everything is done intuitively, even inexperienced developers can create complex Web applications and services in record time.
  • Like every big company, we set up a "Performance Management" program. We thought that formal reviews would help us manage people and the business. They did. Sort of.