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a simple approach – How to manage a small web project

I prepared this picture that illustrates a simple process with 3 main phases you can use as reference to manage a small web project:
(Link: a simple approach – How to manage a small web project)


Mapping Out Your Web Startup

this is only a model and a view of the situation. This should help you navigate your product structure and come up with new strategies and ideas. Good luck and leave some comments so I can improve the model for all the entrepreneurs out there.
(Link: Mapping Out Your Web Startup)

Shorten URL Firefox Extension

shortenurl finally added today, thanks guys.
(Link: Shorten URL Firefox Extension)

COPPA 2.0 isn't kids' privacy 2.0

What’s happening is, lawmakers in five or six states are considering extending COPPA’s requirement for obtaining verifiable consent from parents of under-13s to parents of all minors, as Thierer explained in an audio interview at CNET with ConnectSafely co-director Larry Magid.
(Link: COPPA 2.0 isn’t kids’ privacy 2.0)

Microsoft Silverlight vs Google Wave: Why Karma Matters | Zoho Blogs

Let’s try to imagine what a Google Silverlight would have been. It would have been a fully open source product from Google, with a very liberal open source license (BSD or Apache). It would have all the technical specifications published openly. They would pledge to have the Silverlight VM interoperate with Javascript and HTML5. And a company like Zoho would have a ton of developers working on Google Silverlight based applications by now – as opposed to having exactly ZERO developers working on Microsoft Silverlight. Please note that this has nothing to do with the technology: as I said before, I happen to agree that Silverlight is a great piece of technology.
(Link: Microsoft Silverlight vs Google Wave: Why Karma Matters | Zoho Blogs)

Enforcing Ruby code quality

What you’ve just installed is a set of tools that check for duplicate code, complex code, code smells and code problems. The last one (metric-fu) will give you a report to look at if you need to browse for more details.

Next, you need to add some tasks to your rakefile. For my rails applications, I have this in lib/tasks/quality.rake, but you can put it anywhere that gets loaded by your build.
(Link: Enforcing Ruby code quality)

Enterprises, Struggling to Manage Your Data? Give The Semantic Web a Try…

PwC wrote in the report that the underlying technology of the Semantic Web applies not just to online data, but to “internal information and non-Web-based external information” – including a company’s data warehouse. Currently enterprises struggle with hefty relational databases, but PwC says that the Semantic Web could both lower costs and provide more data. What’s more companies can contribute their “non-sensitive” ontologies to the Linked data cloud
(Link: Enterprises, Struggling to Manage Your Data? Give The Semantic Web a Try…)

Building Your Team Pre-Financing – ReadWriteStart

In our 10 Things to Be Clear About Before You Start, we suggested that you decide whether to build a team of partners or fly solo. If you have decided to build a team of partners, even a small team of two, you’ll need to also decide how this partnership will work. Your only currency will be equity in a company that has not been formed and a venture/Web service that is no more than a gleam in the eye.
(Link: Building Your Team Pre-Financing – ReadWriteStart)

Zoho CRM, On-Demand CRM, Customer Relationship Management

Zoho CRM aligns your Sales and Marketing by integrating sales with campaigns, leads, sales pipeline, forecasts etc., Learn More
(Link: Zoho CRM, On-Demand CRM, Customer Relationship Management)