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mPayy – The Mobile Payment Company

mPayy accounts for individuals enable secure electronic payments directly from your checking account. Shop or send money to friends online, with your mobile device or through your favorite social network. Earn Cash Back Rewards when you shop with mPayy.
(Link: mPayy – The Mobile Payment Company)


Is your SOA hammer looking for a nail?

At the root of all of these issues is the dreaded phrase “business/IT alignment.” It seems that the larger the organization, the more difficult it is to align IT capabilities with business drivers. Sometimes the problem is that the business asks for a particular solution without understanding the problem (like the DoD’s SOA mandate), or perhaps a combination of politics and communication issues interfere with business/IT alignment (the enterprise morass), or in other cases IT jumps the gun and delivers what it thinks the business will want (the capability conundrum). In none of these instances is the problem specific to SOA.

SOA, however, can potentially be part of the solution.
(Link: Is your SOA hammer looking for a nail?)

ScheduleThing | Online scheduling and reservations for any business

ScheduleThing makes it easy to take your scheduling and reservations to the web: from a ten minute conference room reservation to a month-long vacation home rental. Book simple appointments or make complex reservations that require the availability of multiple resources – people, places, or things. No matter how complicated your scheduling is, ScheduleThing makes it easy for your customers to book online.
(Link: ScheduleThing | Online scheduling and reservations for any business)

SchooNoodle – Content for teachers, rated by teachers.

SchooNoodle is the place for K-12 educators to discover and share great web content that is aligned with state standards. All free!

From websites to videos to news, SchooNoodle identifies the best resources, as rated by teachers (like you) from around the country! And you won’t find editors at SchooNoodle — we’re here to provide a place where teachers (not school districts or government agencies) can collectively determine the value of content.
(Link: SchooNoodle – Content for teachers, rated by teachers.)

Hulu runs on Ruby on Rails

I’m a software engineer working at Hulu. While our site is built using Ruby on Rails, parts of our back-end are built on other platforms. Naturally our player is in Flash, and we have a code base built on top of .NET as well. We’re looking for really talented engineers for each of the tech stacks that we’re using, and no matter the technology we’re always looking for people who’re great at CS fundamentals. Hope this helps!
(Link: Hulu runs on Ruby on Rails)

Breaking It Down: Regular Expressions –

Breaking It Down will be dedicated to enlightening both amateur and advanced programmers on selected topics in computer science and software engineering.
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The Nichepaper Manifesto –

Nichepapers are the future of news because their economics are superior. All the Nichepapers above are “real” enterprises, with staff, offices, and fixed and variable costs. Nichepapers offer more bang for the buck: greater benefits for far less cost. Readers get more, better, and faster content — while publishers realize lower capital intensity, lower distribution, marketing, and production costs, and less risk. What is different about them is that they are finding new paths to growth, and rediscovering the lost art of profitability by awesomeness.

1. Knowledge, not news.
2. Commentage, not commentary.
3. Topics, not articles.
4. Scarcity, not circulation.
5. Now, not then.
6. Provocation, not perfection.
7. Snowballs, not sell-outs.
8. Tasks, not tech.
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iPhone Beer Pong App Making $7,000 A Month From Ads (AAPL)

Another advertising data point from Apple’s (AAPL) wildly popular iPhone app store: Beer Pong Challenge, an iPhone app that lets you play beer pong, is making more than $7,000 a month from ads.
(Link: iPhone Beer Pong App Making $7,000 A Month From Ads (AAPL))

JoobsBox – flexible framework for job boards

JoobsBox is the most flexible framework for job boards, allowing community expand it to unlimited needs.

Plugins and themes allows you to extend JoobsBox to do almost anything with your job board.
(Link: JoobsBox – flexible framework for job boards)

Sun's JRuby team jumps ship to Engine Yard

Sun Microsystems’ JRuby team is leaving the company to work for application hosting company Engine Yard, citing the uncertainty surrounding Sun’s planned acquisition by Oracle.

Sun hired Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo, often called “the JRuby Guys,” about two-and-a-half years ago so they could work full time on JRuby, an implementation of the Ruby programming language for the Java Virtual Machine. Some months later Sun hired Nick Sieger, another key JRuby developer.
(Link: Sun’s JRuby team jumps ship to Engine Yard)