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Ronin: Online invoicing and time tracking

Simple online invoicing and time tracking.
Perfect for creative teams and solo freelancers.
Designed to make you look professional.
(Link: Ronin: Online invoicing and time tracking)


Zoodles – safely entertain and educate your child online

Parents universally believed that the computer could help their kids learn, but they couldn’t find great, fun, educational content. Additionally, they wanted more say over what their children were doing online. Parents didn’t really want to open up the whole, sometimes scary, web to their young kids. Mark decided it was time to build a safe, fun, online educational experience for kids that also gave parents the information and control they wanted.
(Link: Zoodles – safely entertain and educate your child online)

Riding Rails: Upgrading to Snow Leopard

Here is a quick rundown of common tasks you might have to do to migrate properly.
(Link: Riding Rails: Upgrading to Snow Leopard)

30 Dual Element Logos, Do You See Them All? | Fuel Your Creativity

So here’s what we got! All of these logos combine two or more individual concepts to create one seamless design. Some are a little more obvious than others, but all equally impressive. Please share any “no-so-obvious” elements that I missed, I’m certain I missed a few.
(Link: 30 Dual Element Logos, Do You See Them All? | Fuel Your Creativity)

Google Spreadsheets Gantt Chart (Microsoft Project-like)

Google Spreadsheets is a powerful web application to do everything you do using Excel.

A nice way to use it is to manage a project plan with a gantt chart (microsoft project-like) and share it on-line with your team.This is a free and versatile solution to do that. This tutorial illustrates how to use Google Spreadsheets Viewpath Gadget to implement it.
(Link: Google Spreadsheets Gantt Chart (Microsoft Project-like))

The long lost formula for start-up success.

The first phase of the process is customer discovery, which is identifying who the people are with the problem. This is harder than it sounds as they must not only have the problem, they must realize they have a problem and be willing to invest time and money in a solution to that problem. These are your early adopters. They are willing to overlook shortcomings in your product and believe that you will make it better with time.
(Link: The long lost formula for start-up success.)


What is WakeOnLan?
WakeOnLan discovers all other computers in your LAN, and enables you to wake them up by clicking a button. If your remote computer is a Mac you can put it asleep too.
(Link: WakeOnLan)

Snow Leopard Blues – Users of Exchange 2003 should avoid this update

Apple, in its infinite wisdom, chose to implement Exchange 2007 support in Snow Leopard even though the iPhone supports both Exchange 2003 and 2007. So, my desktop system can not access the calendar even though my iPhone has no problem accessing my calendar. I find it hard to believe that they did this when Exchange 2003 still has more installations than does Exchange 2007.
(Link: Snow Leopard Blues – Users of Exchange 2003 should avoid this update)