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One Truth About Technology Architecture: Loose Coupling

So how does loose coupling enable scaling and innovation? Scaling bottlenecks tend to move around as a site or service grows. With loose coupling it is often possible to isolate a bottleneck and prevent it from slowing down everything else. The part that’s causing the bottleneck can then be fixed (which might involve a complete re-implementation) without much or any need to coordinate with others. This also points to how loose coupling enables innovation. Different teams can more easily be in charge of their own part and make changes to it more quickly. Entirely new parts can be added more easily too (a great example here is Facebook adding chat).
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It’s simple. It’s a better way to bookmark.. why? Because today’s bookmarks are filled with more just what the link is all about. Every link on ParsePlz will tell you a data rich story. Don’t believe us? Complete the survey online, join the beta and you’ll see what we mean. Our goal is to empower you with what today’s links are all about- connective data goodness.
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How to Make Meetings Matter – WorkAwesome

“A meeting without an agenda is like a traveler without a map. You might get there in the end, just expect to get lost somewhere along the way.”
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Why GWT Isn’t the Future of Web Development ~ C for Coding

Scripting is the future. Long build and deploy steps are anachronistic to both industry trends and maximizing productivity. This trend has been developing for many years.

Where once truly compiled languages (like C/C++ and not Java/C#, which are “compiled” into an intermediate form) accounted for the vast bulk of development, now they the domain of the tools we use (Web browsers, operating systems, databases, Web servers, virtual machines, etc). They have been displaced by the “semi-compiled” managed platforms (Java and .Net primarily). Those too will have their niches but for an increasing amount of programming, they too will be displaced by more script-based approaches.

GWT reminds me of trying to figure out the best way to implement a large-scale, efficient global messaging system using telegrams where everyone else has switched to email.
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Easy Version Control with Git – Nettuts+

In today’s tutorial, we’ll learn the basics of what might possibly be the best VCS in the world: Git.
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SAT Data Tables

Below is a list of data tables for use in interpreting SAT and Subject Test scores. These tables supplement the College-Bound Seniors data. These tables are available for download in PDF format.
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HOW TO: Become an Expert in Your Industry

The most important part to becoming known as an expert, of course, is that you know a lot about whatever it is you do. That could be construction, public relations, HR, dogs — whatever it is, in order to gain the requisite knowledge to be regarded as a thought-leader in your field likely requires years of schooling or real-world practice, or both. In addition, when your goal is to be recognized as an expert you need to always keep learning, and to constantly share that expertise. But first let’s talk about why you might want to be an expert.
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The Answer Factory: Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell | Magazine

Thousands of other filmmakers and writers around the country are operating with the same loose standards, racing to produce the 4,000 videos and articles that Demand Media publishes every day. The company’s ambitions are so enormous as to be almost surreal: to predict any question anyone might ask and generate an answer that will show up at the top of Google’s search results. To get there, Demand is using an army of Muñoz- Donosos to feverishly crank out articles and videos. They shoot slapdash instructional videos with titles like “How To Draw a Greek Helmet” and “Dog Whistle Training Techniques.” They write guides about lunch meat safety and nonprofit administration. They pump out an endless stream of bulleted lists and tutorials about the most esoteric of subjects.
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