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Habilis – the email-to-Dropbox gateway

Send files to your Habilis email address and they show up in your dropbox a few seconds later – simple! It’s dead handy for devices like the iPad where you can create documents but can’t easily get them into your Dropbox.
(Link: Habilis – the email-to-Dropbox gateway)


Concerning Fidelity in Design | UX Booth

Using a method too high in fidelity wastes resources (both time and material) and risks a mediocre path being selected because better options were never given a chance. Working at too low a fidelity, on the other hand, means that the details never get filled in, yielding a half-baked result.
(Link: Concerning Fidelity in Design | UX Booth)

Free Admin Template | Mathew Davies

A professional admin template ready to use in your personal and commercial projects free of charge.
(Link: Free Admin Template | Mathew Davies) – Dead Simple Photo Cleanup

1. Take a snapshot of your Whiteboard or Napkin masterpiece:
2. Email it to
3. Our highly trained team of image gnomes will polish it to perfection1, and email it back to you:
(Link: – Dead Simple Photo Cleanup)

Formee – Fresh baked forms for your websites!

Formee is nothing but a framework to help you develop and customize web based forms. Did you use to spend a lot of time aligning fields and calculating margins and paddings in a quest for a perfect form? No more!

We already made this for you.
(Link: Formee – Fresh baked forms for your websites!)

Creating a Mac application with Ruby, how exciting! – Phusion Corporate Blog

After setting up MacRuby as described in our previous blog post and having set up Xcode, it is now time to create our very first Mac application in Ruby. In this series of articles, we assume that you have the latest version of OS X installed on your Mac. By the time of this writing, that is Snow Leopard and it is important to emphasize this seeing as some Cocoa API methods have been deprecated or added since its last iteration. Without further ado, allons-y!
(Link: Creating a Mac application with Ruby, how exciting! – Phusion Corporate Blog)

RDF.rb: A Public-Domain RDF Library for Ruby – The Datagraph Blog

We have just released version 0.1.0 of RDF.rb, our RDF library for Ruby. This is the first generally useful release of the library, so I will here introduce the design philosophy and object model of the library as well as provide a tutorial to using its core classes.
(Link: RDF.rb: A Public-Domain RDF Library for Ruby – The Datagraph Blog)