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Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.

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YC-Backed Tutorspree Is An Airbnb For Tutoring

Tutorspree is a online marketplace for K-12 tutors. Founded by Aaron Harris, Josh Abrams and Ryan Bednar, the startup is disruptive in the sense that the tutoring space up until now has been monopolized by agencies like Sylvan and Huntington Learning Center or risky alternative Craigslist.
Tutoring is a business that is aching for change: Agency strongholds make tutor comparison difficult and Craigslist is a whole ‘nother can of worms trustwise. So Tutorspree tries to combine the easy accessibility of the Internet with the quality vetting of an agency, at reduced cost. All you need to do as a parent to find a tutor is type in your location into the Tutorspree search box, and you’ll get a listing replete with photos, credentials and price. Prospective tutors can sign up with the “sign up as a tutor” link at the top of the site.

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JBoss Tools: BPEL Technical Preview

The BPEL tooling and runtime will also be available in JBoss Developer Studio 4 as a Technical Preview and in JBoss Tools, the community (free!) edition.

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How to Get Millions of Users

There are two important factors which determine the first 100 people of your service:
1. How much they love your product2. How many other people on the service they have close relationships with
Back to Foursquare. When Foursquare launched at SXSW two years ago, there were a bit less than 100 people on the service at the time of their launch. Same goes for Gowalla. (100 is a relevant number because it was — I don’t know if it still is — the number of “Provisions” you could have for a beta version of an iPhone application.)

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Equity in startups: A Case Study and some dat

In 2000 (and over the past 22 years), if the IPO is successful, the average gave:- a CEO stock value will be $6-8M- a VP stock is around $1M – and employees have in average $100k

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Startup Suicide – Rewriting the Code « Steve Blank

Perhaps the most dangerous side-effect of embarking on a code rewrite is that the decision condemns the old code before a viable alternative exists. Who is going to want to work on the old code with all its problems when the VP Engineering and CEO have declared the new code to be the future of the company?  The old code is as good as dead the moment management introduces the word “rewrite.”  As a consequence, the CEO has no fallback. If the VP Engineering’s schedule ends up taking four years instead of one year, there is no way to make incremental progress on the new features during that time.

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Ruby Net-http Cheat Sheet – GitHub

Ruby Net::HTTP cheat sheetA bunch of common HTTP use cases implemented with Ruby’s Net::HTTP library.

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“There’s a Slide For That” – Generic Slides to Avoid in your Pitch

1. The Hockey Stick2. The 2 X 2 Matrix3. The Stoplight or Harvey Ball Chart4. The Diagram:  The more complicated the better.5. The Logo Chart:  Lots of logos of lots of big name customers.  

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Email Etiquette for the Super-Busy :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

1. Be concise2. Communicate “action steps” first, not last.3. Number your questions.4. Make the way forward clear.5. Include deadlines.6. Use “FYI” for emails that have no actionable information.7. Tell them that you’ll get to it later.8. Don’t send “Thanks!” emails.9. Never send an angry or contentious email.10. Never “reply all” (unless you absolutely must).

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