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The powerful, mystical OSX Spotlight. On steroids.

Your Mac stores a lot of metadata for your files. Just do ‘Get Info’ on a file and take a look at all that stuff. Much of those attributes are fair game in Spotlight searches. Simply include an attribute in a Spotlight search followed by a colon (:).

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CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire .NET programmers

Programming with .NET is like cooking in a McDonalds kitchen.  It is full of amazing tools that automate absolutely everything.  Just press the right button and follow the beeping lights, and you can churn out flawless 1.6 oz burgers faster than anybody else on the planet.
However, if you need to make a 1.7 oz burger, you simply can’t.  There’s no button for it.  The patties are pre-formed in the wrong size.  They start out frozen so they can’t be smushed up and reformed, and the thawing machine is so tightly integrated with the cooking machine that there’s no way to intercept it between the two.  A McDonalds kitchen makes exactly what’s on the McDonalds menu — and does so in an absolutely foolproof fashion.  But it can’t go off the menu, and any attempt to bend the machine to your will just breaks it such that it needs to be sent back to the factory for repairs.

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PrepMe’s Coursification – Personalized Online Learning Platform

PrepMe allows teachers to upload source materials, tests, quizzes and more. Because much of the learning and testing is based online, Coursification is ideal for professors and teachers who are comfortable with placing all of their content on a web platform. PrepMe’s offering could also be useful for remote teaching.

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Mark Cuban And Kevin O’Leary Invest In Online Toy Rental Service Toygaroo

Toygaroo, the self-labeled “Netflix for toys”, is an online toy rental service in which parents can sign up for and choose a “wish list” of toys that are then sent to their home, played with by their kids, before being returned to Toygaroo via a FedEx box. Before you start shuddering, the toys are, of course, cleaned and sanitized before being shipped.

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What is and isn’t REST

Things that aren’t magically true just because your API is RESTian:

  1. Writing clients is easy.You don’t even need a client, you can just derive everything from a single endpoint.
  2. Your API maps properly onto your business objects and therefore makes sense.
  3. Your API will scale properly.
  4. Your API is easy to extendYou won’t get support requests from people who didn’t read the documentation.

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How Carrots Became the New Junk Food

Baby carrots were a hit. They transformed the whole industry. Soon, the big growers in Bakersfield were planting fields with baby carrots in mind, sowing three times more seeds per acre, so the carrots, packed densely together, would grow long and skinny, for the maximum number of 2-inch cuts. Yields and profits climbed. The really big deal, the thing nobody expected, was that baby carrots seemed to make Americans eat more carrots. In the decade after they were introduced, carrot consumption in the United States doubled.

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FaceCash Web-based Cash Register

FaceCash Register is a web-based Point of Sale (POS) system that integrates directly with the FaceCash mobile payment system. Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything to use if you accept FaceCash at your merchant location, and it works on any computer with a web browser and internet access.

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Overview: Extracting article text from HTML documents

In the world of web scraping, text mining and article reading utilities (readability bookmarklet) there is an ever growing demand for utilities that are capable of distinguishing parts of a HTML document which represent an article apart from other common website building blocks like menus, headers, footers, ads etc.

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Three Questions that Will Kill Innovation – HBR

1. “What is the return on investment on this project?”2. “Can you prove your case and back it up with hard data?” 3. “Are you meeting your milestones?”

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Gathering User Requirements Tutorial – Think Vitamin

In this 5 minute video, you’ll learn how to gather the preliminary data that will help you conduct user requirements gathering activities.

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