STREST Protocol – Streaming REST

STREST (Streaming and REST) Is a protocol which is meant to be simple, easy to understand and simple to implement both server and clientside. The protocol allows you to write controllers that can serve both normal REST request and response pairs and higher thruput STREST requests without any additional code. But the super awesomeness comes with the asynchronous nature, which allows easy firehose type streams as well as event callbacks.The protocol itself is virtually identical to regular HTTP packets, with the addition of a few additional headers. STREST utilizes a long running duplex connection where requests are all handled asynchronously. This allows it to be very high throughput. Because the packet is a fully formed HTTP packet it is possible to route it on the server side so that the same code can be used in STREST or regular REST.

(Full Story: STREST Protocol – Streaming REST)


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