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Hate Java? You’re fighting the wrong battle

All the above industries are billion dollar players in our economy. All of the above industries write new COBOL and mainframe assembler programs. I’m not making this up, I work in the last industry, and I’ve interviewed and interned in the others.
For god sakes people, COBOL, invented in 1959, is still being written today, for real! We’re not talking maintaining a few lines here and there, we’re talking thousands of new lines, every day, to implement new functionality and new requirements.

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Microsoft has developers horrified about coding for Windows 8

Hearing that Windows 8 would use HTML5 and JavaScript for its new immersive applications was, therefore, more than a little disturbing to Windows developers. Such a switch means discarding two decades of knowledge and expertise of Windows development—and countless hours spent learning Microsoft’s latest-and-greatest technology—and perhaps just as importantly, it means discarding rich, capable frameworks and the powerful, enormously popular Visual Studio development environment, in favor of a far more primitive, rudimentary system with substantially inferior tools.

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jQuery Plugin Boilerplate

A boilerplate for jump-starting jQuery plugins development.
Contains lots of comments to help you get going easily. It implements public and private methods, as well as public and private properties making it the ideal candidate for when building both simple and complex jQuery plugins.
It does not adhere to the suggestions made by the jQuery documentation regarding Plugins/Authoring.
The jQuery Plugin Boilerplate took some inspiration from Doug Neiner‘s Starter.

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How to succeed in IT without really trying

The other way to succeed in IT is with little effort or proficiency at all. I hate to say this, but a number of people in IT positions work harder to make it seem like they’re busy as beavers than doing actual work. Quite often this dysfunction starts at the top: When an IT manager doesn’t know the technology very well, he or she may hire folks who have no idea what their job is other than to show up every day and answer the occasional email, passing questions along to others with more technical abilities, or to their contacts at the various hardware and software vendors. People like these populate many consulting companies. They rely almost completely on contractors to perform the actual work, serving as remote hands in a real crisis and as part of a phone tree for less pressing issues.

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Serving small static files: which server to use ?

G-WAN seems again to perform a lot better than the other servers.  Nginx always performs slightly better than Lighttpd, while Apache Traffic server is very similar to Lighttpd in term of performance. Finally, Varnish Cache serves only half of the requests compared to all others. Surprisingly , there are quite few differences between the results with optimized settings and those with the default settings.
Regarding the resources used by each server, Nginx is the winner in term of memory usage, as the amount of memory does not increases with the number of concurrent clients. G-WAN requires 2 times less CPU than the other servers.
Again, keep in mind that this benchmark compares only the servers locally (no networking is involved), and therefore the results might be misleading.

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Bacon Ipsum

A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator

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Pandoc – universal document converter

Pandoc can read markdown and (subsets of) reStructuredText, textile, HTML, and LaTeX, and it can write plain text, markdown, reStructuredText, HTML, LaTeX, ConTeXt, PDF, RTF, DocBook XML, OpenDocument XML, ODT, GNU Texinfo, MediaWiki markup, textile, groff man pages, Emacs org-mode, EPUB ebooks, and S5 and Slidy HTML slide shows. PDF output (via LaTeX) is also supported with the included markdown2pdf wrapper script.

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Kodingen – Cloud Software Development Environment

Online Code Editor, Cloud Hosting, Web based access to file-system, ftp & svn integration

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