How to hire rock stars – Tech News and Analysis

Act fast. Once you have a sense that you need to make a change, start the process immediately. It almost always takes longer than you want it to (think 6-9 months, not 2-3 months)
Aim high—higher than you think you should. Work with your entire network (mentors, investors, customers, partners and friends) to help you triangulate on the top ten people in the world for the role. Try to meet every single one of them, even if they are not looking. It helps to know what to aim for. I was surprised how many superstars were actually very humble, approachable and culturally compatible with my team. This was not my assumption going in.
Don’t be cheap. Use great recruiters who will know—or will unearth—the crazy-great candidates who are often stuck vesting out at larger (second-league) companies.
Interview the hell out of them. When we were adding members to the executive team, we did 20+ interviews with the finalists. That process included lunches, dinners and drinks. The very best need to be

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