The history of version control

1. Source code is text in a file! (1960s)
2. Humans can manually keep track of versions of code! (1960s)
3. You can keep lots of versions in one file! (1972, 1982)
4. You can each have your own copy checked out! (1982)
5. Wow! You can version multiple files at once! (1986)
6. Two people can edit the same file at the same time, and it merges what they both did! (1986)
7. The shared repository can be on a remote machine! (1994)
8. Free open source version control hosting! (1999)
9. You can distribute it all so there’s no central repository! (2005)
10. When you checkout that’s a fork too, and you can do that in public! (2008)

(Full Story: The history of version control)


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