A Year with MongoDB

Over the past 6 months, we’ve scaled MongoDB by moving data off of it. This process is an entire blog post itself, but the gist of the matter is that we looked at our data access patterns and chose the right tool for the job. For key-value data, we switched to Riak, which provides predictable read/write latencies and is completely horizontally scalable. For smaller sets of relational data where we wanted a rich query layer, we moved to PostgreSQL. A small fraction of our data has been moved to non-durable purely in-memory solutions if it wasn’t important for us to persist or be able to query later.

In retrospect, MongoDB was not the right solution for Kiip. Although it may be a bit more upfront effort, we recommend using PostgreSQL (or some traditional RDBMS) first, then investigating other solutions if and when you find them necessary. In future blog posts, we’ll talk about how we chose our data stores and the steps we took to migrate data while minimizing downtime.

(Full Story: A Year with MongoDB)


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