Netty Tutorial Part 1: Introduction to Netty

Netty is a Java library and API primarilly aimed at writing highly concurrent networked and networking applications and services. One aspect of Netty you may find different from standard Java APIs is that it is predominantly an asynchronous API. That term implies differnet things to different people and may overlap with the terms non-blocking and event-driven. Regardless, if you have never used an asynchronous API before, it takes a little bit of a mind shift to implement Netty if you are accustomed to writing linear software. Here’s how I would boil it down.
You build a Netty stack and start it. Issuing requests is easy and much the same as it is in any Java API. The mind shift comes in processing responses because there are none. Almost every single method invocation of substance is asynchronous, which means that there is no return value and invocation is usually instantaneous. The results (if there are any) will be delivered back in another thread. This is the fundamental difference

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