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Understanding JVM Internals, from Basic Structure to Java SE 7 Features | Architects Zone

this article will explain how JVM works, its structure, how it executes Java bytecode, the order of execution, examples of common mistakes and their solutions, as well as the new features in Java SE 7 Edition.

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Introducing Vagrant | Linux Journal

Rather than focusing on virtualization on the delivery side, let’s look at how you can provide that flexibility and control to developers to manage multiple development environments easily using Vagrant.

What Is Vagrant?

Vagrant is an open-source (MIT) tool for building and managing virtualized development environments developed by Mitchell Hashimoto and John Bender.

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Automate this! SmartThings lets you control the real world

The first part of the system is a hub that forms the bridge between the Internet and home devices supporting low-power, wireless protocols like Zigbee and Z-wave. SmartThings adds a set of reference devices to that: a motion sensor, a contact sensor that can be attached to doors and windows, and a low-resolution cloud-controlled camera. You can also use standards-based devices from other manufacturers. Finally, there’s the SmartTag, a keyfob that indicates your presence and also acts as an environment sensor. All kinds of apps will run on top of the basic platform.

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The Insourcing Boom – The Atlantic

The GeoSpring suffered from an advanced-technology version of “IKEA Syndrome.” It was so hard to assemble that no one in the big room wanted to make it. Instead they redesigned it. The team eliminated 1 out of every 5 parts. It cut the cost of the materials by 25 percent. It eliminated the tangle of tubing that couldn’t be easily welded. By considering the workers who would have to put the water heater together the team cut the work hours necessary to assemble the water heater from 10 hours in China to two hours in Louisville. In the end, says Nolan, not one part was the same. The material cost went down. The labor required to make it went down. The quality went up. Even the energy efficiency went up.

GE wasn’t just able to hold the retail sticker to the “China price.” It beat that price by nearly 20 percent. The China-made GeoSpring retailed for $1,599. The Louisville-made GeoSpring retails for $1,299.

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Air Force Stumbles Over Software Modernization Project –

The software initiative, called the Expeditionary Combat Support System, was supposed to manage logistics using software from Oracle.

In 2006, the Air Force announced that it had awarded a $628 million contract to the Computer Sciences Corporation to serve as lead system integrator; its job would be to “configure, deploy and conduct training and change management activities” before the launch.


“The total cost on the system is now over $1 billion,” he said, adding, “I am personally appalled at the limited capabilities that program has produced relative to that amount of investment.”

With the cancellation of the system last month, a spokeswoman said that the Air Force would continue to rely on its legacy logistics systems, some of which have been in use since the 1970s

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AWS: the good, the bad and the ugly | the blog

we can deploy major upgrades on new hardware.
our failure plan for some non-critical systems, where perhaps up to an hour of occasional downtime is acceptable, is to monitor the box, and if it fails, spin up a new box and restore the system from backups
we can scale up in response to load events, rather than in advance of them
we can not worry about pre-launch capacity calculations

Virtual hardware doesn’t last as long as real hardware.
You need to be in more than one zone, and redundant across zones.
Multi-zone failures happen, so if you can afford it, go multi-region too.

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Top 10 Uses For A Message Queue

Elasticity & Spikability
Delivery Guarantees
Ordering Guarantees
Understanding Data Flow
Asynchronous Communication

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Build OpenShift Origin from Source | OpenShift by Red Hat

You now have a multi-node open-source PaaS.

You can start adding new functionality to the core OpenShift Origin code or start writing your own cartridges and help make OpenShift the best PaaS platform.

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