90 Things I’ve Learned From Founding 4 Technology Companies | betashop

Even executives need reviews. Here are the criteria I review Fab’s executives on:

Fab Culture. Does the executive personify our culture, cultivate it, and help us nurture it?

Fab Passion. Is the executive passionate for our specific Fab mission or could they be working at any company? Is Fab their life? Were they made to work at Fab?

Manages Up. How well does the executive manage up to me and keep me informed about their activities, go to me for input when they should, and not when it’s not needed.

Manages Horizontal. How well does the executive manage and coordinate with his/her peers? Do they operate in silos or do they foster teamwork and collaboration? Do they come to me to solve and referee issues between the executives, or do they bring their peers together and come to me with options? Btw. This is one of the criteria that most executives in startups struggle the most with.

Manages Down. How well does the executive lead and manage their team? Do they provide direct

(Full Story: http://betashop.com/post/32913573235/90-things-ive-learned-from-founding-4-technology )


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