We Should Expect To Pay For Small Open Source Projects

Types/stages of Open Source Projects (OSP): Type 0 – part-time enthusiasts – very small OSP (for example, grails plugins) typically developed by 1/2/3 people, often in a very initial stage, often with minimal features and relatively low adoption. Typically developers are not working full time and are employed somewhere else. Type 1 – consulting-financed – an OSP which started getting a lot of adoption and publicity (for example, compass/elasticsearch three years ago, or JBoss in 2001/2002). Because of the widespread usage, the core development team can now afford to create a consulting company and focus full-time on actively improving/developing the project while being hired by early adopters to solve problems and add high-priority features. Type 2 is the ultimate goal of Type 1 projects – acquisition/investors/IPO – the developers are waiting for a large entity to buy out the consulting company (VMWare buying SpringSource, RedHat buying JBoss etc) or to get an investment from VC w…

(Full Story: http://www.itistrivial.com/2013/02/support-open-source-developers.html )


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