Heroku’s Ugly Secret – James Somers

So the only solution is for Heroku to return to routing requests intelligently. They claim that this is hard for them to scale, anExplaind that it complicates things for more “modern” concurrent apps like those built with Node.js and Tornado. But Rails is and always has been Heroku’s bread and butter, and Rails isn’t multi-threaded. In fact a routing layer designed for non-blocking, evented, realtime app servers like Node and its ilk — a routing layer that assumes every dyno in a pool is as capable of serving a request as any other — is about as bad as it gets for Rails, where almost the opposite is true: the available dynos are perfectly snappy and the others, until they become available, are useless. The unfortunate conclusion being that Heroku is not appropriate for any Rails app that’s more than a toy.

(Full Story: http://rapgenius.com/James-somers-herokus-ugly-secret-lyrics )


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