The Great Java Application Server Debate |

Summary of Findings In an interesting note, although JBoss won the overall competition, it never earned the top score in any single category. Here is a quick overview of the 8 sections we covered above. Download and Installation – all Application Servers see the need for lowering the barriers to access and provide easy download and installation procedures. Tooling support – most favored Eclipse, but Tomcat, JBoss and GlassFish all had excellent support for the big 3 IDEs. Server Configuration – the Liberty Profile won here with it’s new dynamic model of hot reloading both the runtime components and config. Jetty and Tomcat were also strong. Documentation & Community – Tomcat has a big, vibrant and established community that beats the competition hands down. Docs are also very good. Real Performance Metrics – Tomcat outperformed the others in our developer oriented performance tests. The Liberty Profile suffered long initialization times, while the others chased Tomcat. Featur…

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