Versioning RESTful Services v2 | Howard Dierking

Revised Summary So, in my revised thinking, the overarching principle remains the same: how you version depends on what part of the uniform interface you’re changing But I’ll add another principle (well, borrowed it from Fielding actually): all important resources must have URIs This ends up impacting versioning strategies as follows: If you’re adding only, go ahead and just add it to the representation. Your clients should ignore what they don’t understand If you’re making a breaking change to the representation or changing the meaning of the underlying resource, create a new resource with a new name (URI) Use content negotiation in such a way that it can provide an optimized path to resources, but always give the client control (by way of links) to make different choices I hope that this discussion continues to prove useful. And should I continue to revise my thinking, I will try and be a bit more timely in publishing my thoughts.

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