This Product Prioritization System Nabbed Pandora 70 Million Monthly Users with Just 40 Engineers

1) Before every quarter starts, pose the question: “What would be stupid not to do in the next 90 days?” 2) Define and scope every idea on a single presentation slide. 3) Roughly calculate the engineering capacity needed for each of the ideas generated, and how much you have to leverage total. 4) Express this scope in dollar amounts: $5= the amount of work one engineer can do in one month. $10= two months. $15= three months. $30= two engineers for all three months. If you have 10 developers working for three months, you have $150 to play with. Include a dollar amount on each slide. 5) Pick a small team to participate in the prioritization process. Choose people who have the whole company’s best interest in mind. 6) If you pick 5 people, make 5 stacks of Post-Its with $5 written on them. Hand the same number of Post-Its to each person based on your engineering capacity. 7) Print out all your idea slides and hang them on the wall. Talk your prioritization team through each one.

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