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Gavin King – “Ceylon isn’t Java”

Ceylon isn’t Java, it’s a new language that’s deeply influenced by Java, designed by people who are unapologetic fans of Java. Java’s not dying anytime soon, so nothing’s killing it.

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Is Java dead? – Code Monkeyism

Most comparisions take 5 to 10-year-old brownfield, legacy Java projects with hundreds of developers – many of them average – and compare them with 2-year-old Rails projects, where the initial developers – most of them excellent – are still on board. For a real comparison one would need to compare state of the art frameworks, Webbeans/Wicket, Stripes/JPA with rapid development frameworks like Rails and Django. I’ll spare this comparison perhaps for another post in the future, but would be happy if someone does a decent comparison. I consider this question open.
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Link: Arc is designed for exploratory programming

Arc is designed for exploratory programming
Arc is designed for exploratory programming: the kind where you decide what to write by writing it. A good medium for exploratory programming is one that makes programs brief and malleable, so that’s what we’ve aimed for. This is a medium for sketching software.