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How Netflix Should Recover From Amazon Addiction – Forbes

So until a startup is rich and successful, it makes sense to just live with your Amazon addiction and suffer the occasional outage with the “blame Amazon” explanation. Startup CEOs should be sure to tell everyone about this dependency in advance so that such a failure doesn’t come as a surprise. But Netflix is beyond that stage. It is time for Netflix to start recovering from Amazon addiction and take full responsibility for the quality of its service.

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Edda – Learn the Stories of Your Cloud Deployments – Netflix Tech

Edda is a service that polls your AWS resources via AWS APIs and records the results. It allows you to quickly search through your resources and shows you how they have changed over time.

Previously this project was known within Netflix as Entrypoints (and mentioned in some blog posts), but the name was changed as the scope of the project grew. Edda (meaning “a tale of Norse mythology”), seemed appropriate for the new name, as our application records the tales of Asgard.

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Architectural Building Blocks of Netflix Cloud Platform

Fourteen Commandments of Web Scale Cloud Deployment
1. Thou shalt not have Sticky in-memory sessions
2. Thou shalt not directly use a Central SQL database in the user request path
3. Thou shalt not store important data on ephemeral instances
4. Thou shalt embrace a homogenous architecture
5. Thou shalt understand and embrace the CAP theorem
6. Thou shalt guard all external calls using the Dependency Command Pattern
7. Thou shalt be prepared to scale according to thy needs
8. Thou shalt keep a wary eye on they cost
9. Thou shalt secure thy data and access points
10. Thou shalt instrument thy code
11. Thou shalt effectively monitor thy instances
12. Thou shalt deploy thy instances in multiple regions and zones
13. Thou shalt be wary of SPOF
14. Thou shalt always plan for failure

Full slides at http://www.slideshare.net/stonse/netflix-cloud-platform-building-blocks

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JMeter Plugin for Cassandra

JMeter allows us to customize our test cases based on our application logic/datamodel. The Cassandra JMeter plugin we are releasing today is described on the github wiki here. It consists of a jar file that is placed in JMeter’s lib/ext directory. The instructions to build and install the jar file are here.

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I feel vindicated by what Netflix did with the results of the Netflix Prize.

1. Fancy ML techniques don’t matter. The winning BellKor/Pragmatic Chaos teams implemented ensemble methods with something like 112 techniques smushed together. You know how many of those the Netflix team implemented? Exactly two: RBM’s and SVD.

2. Domain knowledge trumps statistical sophistication. This has always been the case in the recommendation engines I’ve done for clients. We spend most of our time trying to understand the space of your customers’ preferences — the cells, the topology, the metric, common-sense bounds, and so on. You can OO program these characteristics. And (see bottom) doing so seems to improve the ML result a lot.

3. What you measure matters more than what you squeeze out of the data

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Global Netflix Technology Platform

A Large Scale Java oriented PaaS running on AWS

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Cassandra from the trenches: migrating Netflix

Netflix is making all of our components distributed and fault tolerant as we grow domestically and internationally.
Cassandra is a core piece of our cloud infrastructure.

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Former Blockbuster CEO tells his side of Netflix story

One of the best stories in digital entertainment during the past decade was how Netflix wrested control of the home-video rental market from national chain Blockbuster.

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