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Review: Puppet vs. Chef vs. Ansible vs. Salt

Puppet [7], Chef [8], Ansible [9], and Salt [10] were all built with that very goal in mind: to make it much easier to configure and maintain dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers. That’s not to say that smaller shops won’t benefit from these tools, as automation and orchestration generally make life easier in an infrastructure of any size. I looked at each of these four tools in depth, explored their design and function, and determined that, while some scored higher than others, there’s a place for each to fit in, depending on the goals of the deployment. Here, I summarize my findings.

(Full Story: http://www.infoworld.com/print/231308 )


Puppet: The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Puppet is both a simple system and a complex one. It has many moving parts, but they’re wired together quite loosely, and each of them has changed pretty dramatically since its founding in 2005. It is a framework that can be used for all manner of configuration problems, but as an application it is simple and approachable.

(Full Story: http://aosabook.org/en/puppet.html )

A Taste of Salt: Like Puppet, Except It Doesn’t Suck

Perhaps the most compelling aspects to SaltStack is its vibrant community. Despite Puppet’s nearly six year head start, Salt boasts more contributors to its code base (as per Ohloh.net), a superior comment-to-code ratio, an increase in year-over-year commits, and a lower barrier to entry for new contributors. Community support is provided both via an active IRC channel (#salt on irc.freenode.net) and on the salt-users mailing list.

(Full Story: http://blog.smartbear.com/devops/a-taste-of-salt-like-puppet-except-it-doesnt-suck/ )

Installing OpenShift Origin using Vagrant and Puppet | Krishna Raman

This document describes how to create a private PaaS service for local development of OpenShift Origin. We will be building the PaaS using source OpenShift Origin nightly RPMs Vagrant, and Puppet.

(Full Story: http://www.krishnaraman.net/installing-openshift-origin-using-vagrant-and-puppet/ )

devopsanywhere: Puppet vs. Chef, Fight!

Chef wins but by only a narrow margin.

The Criteria

Community Strength
Corporate Adoption
Technical Merits
Hands-on Experience

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How Ruby is beating Python in the battle for the Soul of System Administration

Here are the features in a scripting language that a sysadmin wants:
A DSL for the problem domain
High productivity, i.e. concise and expressive syntax
Easy to interaction with shell commands
Regular Expressions
powerful one-liners

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