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Long-time .NET proponent answers: Why Ruby?

You can certainly build open source software in .NET. And many do. But it never feels natural. It never feels right. Nobody accepts your patch to a core .NET class library no matter how hard you try. It always feels like you’re swimming upstream, in a world of small and large businesses using .NET that really aren’t interested in sharing their code with the world – probably because they know it would suck if they did, anyway. It is just not a native part of the Microsoft .NET culture to make things open source, especially not the things that suck. If you are afraid the things you share will suck, that fear will render you incapable of truly and deeply giving back. The most, uh, delightful… bit of open source communities is how they aren’t afraid to let it "all hang out", so to speak. So as a result, for any given task in .NET you might have – if you’re lucky – a choice of maybe two decent-ish libraries. Whereas in any popular open source language, you’ll easily have a dozen choices…

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flipflops · GitHub

Its pretty simple to use as well. It works with git repos currently. Just create a Ruby script

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RubyJS – javascript standard library based on Ruby core-lib

RubyJS is a JavaScript implementation of all methods from Ruby classes like Array, String, Numbers, Time and more.

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RubyConf 2012 Presentations

(31 presentations available )

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rubytune, a rails shop specializing in performance, servers and troubleshooting

We would be happy to discuss your app and your systems and help you determine your needs.
Our rate is $265/hour with a 10-hour minimum.

We also offer a Priority Service. You get exclusive access to our team and we start work on your environment within 48 hours. Please contact us for rates and availability.

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In Motion | RubyMotion iOS Tutorial

RubyMotion is such a solution. It allows you to write iOS apps in Ruby with no penalty to user experience. And it preserves the iOS SDK exactly as intended by Apple, so all exisiting code examples and tutorials are perfectly translateable.

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Desant App – Open source landing pages

Desant is an open source and neat landing page application. It’s simple to use, customize and extend to your needs. There’s an awesome admin area too – it will give you all the information and statistics you need.

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The disappearance of one of the world’s most beloved computer programmers – Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and _why

Hackety Hack begins by introducing kids to Ruby, _why’s programming language of choice. Then it explains that programming is nothing more than giving a stupid, unthinking computer your commands. You are its boss. It answers to you. And you can make it do nearly anything with simple keystrokes and enough practice.

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Private Gem Server in the Cloud – Gemfury

Hosted service for your private and custom gems to simplify your deployment story. Once you upload your RubyGem and enable Gemfury as a source, you can securely deploy any gem to any host. It’s simple, reliable, and hassle-free. Learn more

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Ruby Arduino Development

RAD is a framework for programming the Arduino physcial computing platform using Ruby. RAD converts Ruby scripts written using a set of Rails-like conventions and helpers into C source code which can be compiled and run on the Arduino microcontroller. It also provides a set of Rake tasks for automating the compilation and upload process.

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