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Gitlab – self hosted git

Fast, secure and stable solution based on Rails & Gitolite.
Free and open-source. Distributed under the MIT License.

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devopsanywhere: Puppet vs. Chef, Fight!

Chef wins but by only a narrow margin.

The Criteria

Community Strength
Corporate Adoption
Technical Merits
Hands-on Experience

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Dependency Management with .NET – Doing it Right

Keeping dependencies in your source control
GAC and WebGAC
Here comes NuGet
Working with NuGet Remote Feeds
Meet Artifactory

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Visualized Git best practices for team: branch, merge, rebase

1 – Stop using GUI for git, seriously, it’s not that many commands
2 – Be safe, branch out, commit often, merge often
3 – Git rebase to be used on the current branch
4 – Replace git pull with git pull –rebase

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The history of version control

1. Source code is text in a file! (1960s)
2. Humans can manually keep track of versions of code! (1960s)
3. You can keep lots of versions in one file! (1972, 1982)
4. You can each have your own copy checked out! (1982)
5. Wow! You can version multiple files at once! (1986)
6. Two people can edit the same file at the same time, and it merges what they both did! (1986)
7. The shared repository can be on a remote machine! (1994)
8. Free open source version control hosting! (1999)
9. You can distribute it all so there’s no central repository! (2005)
10. When you checkout that’s a fork too, and you can do that in public! (2008)

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How Ruby is beating Python in the battle for the Soul of System Administration

Here are the features in a scripting language that a sysadmin wants:
A DSL for the problem domain
High productivity, i.e. concise and expressive syntax
Easy to interaction with shell commands
Regular Expressions
powerful one-liners

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